Meet Our Founder

Meia Clark is a beauty enthusiast and expert with a formal education in Fashion and Business Marketing. She also earned a degree in Esthetics from the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute prior to becoming a licensed Esthetician with a focus on skin health using products with natural ingredients. In addition to many years of diverse experiences as a skin care specialist, her professional work history includes domestic and international fashion and beauty consulting, and retail fashion & beauty sales leadership at one of the nation’s leading luxury department store chains.

Over the years Meia has received many compliments for her radiant skin and minimalist approach to makeup. It was not always this way due to early childhood and teenage years of sensitive skin challenges that led to dry skin, breakouts, and scars. Consequently, she learned to be diligent about reading skincare product labels and has since been conscientious about her use of essential oils and botanicals. Over time Neem oil, licorice, turmeric, moringa, aloe have become staples in her daily skincare routine. Through many conversations with clients from all walks of life, she realized these previous experiences were not unique to her alone. Ultimately, the common desire was to achieve youthful, radiant, healthy skin and Meia was compelled to provide a solution combining her decades of knowledge using natural products with a science-backed holistic approach to product development.

In response to her calling to help people feel empowered in whatever skin they are wrapped in, Meia was now on a mission to create a line of skin care products that are potent yet gentle enough to be effective on all skin types including sensitive skin. She began creating formulations, and thus Sprii Beauty was born. During her ingredient research she became aware of Aronia (Chokeberry) berries through local farmers in the state of Iowa. Aronia (Chokeberry) berries have been scientifically proven to be one of the most powerful antioxidants on earth. In fact, they have shown superior antioxidant activity compared to other more well-known “super fruits”. Aronia (Chokeberry) berries also contain many other vitamins and minerals that support skin health. Meia believes this unique powerhouse ingredient deserves a place in modern skincare. Therefore, it can be found in all Sprii Beauty products.